Combi Oven / Industrial cooker

Easy time in the kitchen

Although cooking is an essential chore, the kind of appliance you install in the kitchen determines the whole kitchen experience, especially in commercial settings like hotels. That is why this post will shed more light on a combi oven, which essentially combines different cooking modes in one appliance.
Below, you will get to see the different types of Combi ovens and how they can benefit your entire kitchen experience. Before anything else, you need to know the different combi ovens or industrial cookers in the market and their different applications. Read on to learn more.


Now that you know the difference between an industrial stove and oven, it makes it easy now to choose any industrial stove and oven from the list above. However, getting one of these machines comes with many responsibilities, especially in terms of maintenance. Since the combi oven uses steam to cook, it requires an exhaust hood as a safety precaution to reduce kitchen injuries. Furthermore, make sure you do regular cleaning.